2017-18 News 

MW Ensemble is participating in the Museum of Arts and Design's (MAD)  Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound exhibition part of the " Radius BEACON" taking place in New York City from September 14, 2017 until February 25, 2018.  

" Music for Piano Transmission " ​​released May 2017.  ​
List of Work 

​Apartment or Nepal: cello, piano, bass, guitar, drums, voice (2008)​​

Sounds From A Fan And Piano (2008-2009) 

Complementation and shifts by 16/15: piano (2010)

Field Recordings, 1-4: the environment (2011-present)

Op. 2: piano (2011)

Songs for cello, piano, and a train: piano, cello, and the environment (2011)

Electric & Chemical Oscillations and Field Recordings, I-VIII: circuit oscillator designs 1a-c, galvanic cell,
crosley radio receiver, coding, and the environment (2011-present)

6 Songs: piano, cello, crosley AM radio, and the environment (2013)

Collaboration with M.Bond: Programmed chipset cover of 12-tone #1a from "6 Songs" (2013)

6 Green Songs & its complement “6 Red Songs”: piano, cello, vacuum cleaner, coffee grinder, tv, radio, circuit oscillator design 1a, and the environment (2013)

M7 Experiments, for piano: piano and the environment (2014) 

Music for Piano Transmission: piano, circuit transmitter/oscillator design 1, and crosley radio receiver (2017) 

Music for Piano Transmission and Receiving: piano, circuit transmitter/oscillator design 1, and receiver/oscillator design 1 (in progress)